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Below are several testimonials from Ira’s friends, colleagues and some of the organizations that he collaborated with.

From the National Lawyers Guild

The New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) honored Ira Gollobin for his achievements at their annual dinner in 2005. On this occasion, the NLG distributed a journal that included a rather comprehensive retelling of his life through interviews conducted with him and others as well as independent research. The Guild has generously made available the material, entitled Ira Gollobin: Guild Founder and Exemplar

From Wally Linder

I first met Ira in 1961 when we were discussing formation of a new party (which eventually became the Progressive Labor Party). I participated in classes Ira conducted for us in Dialectics which blew my mind. He never let us get away with anything! He helped us spread the teaching of dialectics to hundreds, if not thousands of people, including high school students. We treasured his contribution on that score.

Last year I interviewed him about his leading that GI movement in the Philippines at the end of World War II. The article we printed was very inspiring to many. It showed many of us that dialectics involves practicing what you preach, as Ira did.

Whenever we ran across an immigrant worker or student with an immigration problem, we sent them directly to Ira and over the years he helped scores of them. And, of course, he defended us several times before HUAC’s attacks and gave us the best advice.

I have many memories of Ira, especially his fantastic physical achievements, running those 6 miles a day, 6 days a week, his scolding me whenever he noticed that I was putting on a few pounds, telling me while there are some things we can’t control, that’s one thing we can control. I remember he and Ruth asking my age a few years ago and when I said “75,” I was told, “you’re just a young chicken!”

Before Milt Rosen got sick, I used to accompany him to Ira’s apartment to discuss whatever was on Ira’s mind at the time. The last few years, after Milt moved to California where his Parkinson’s is getting progressively worse (although his mind is still sharp), Ira began calling me every so often to visit with him. In fact, I saw him at his apartment in May and he said he felt pretty good. I think he was still going to the gym! He also gave us about five cartons of books from his library which is very much appreciated, especially among our younger members. And he was very generous with contributions.

Ira’s writings and teachings, his defense of the oppressed, his understanding of material reality, his appreciation of the link between mind and body all comprise a legacy that will live on with us as we fight for a world in which the working class runs things, a world to which Ira devoted his life.


By Mark R. von Sternberg
When I first met Ira Gollobin in the late 80’s, he had already risen to an exceptional level of renown, combining a high level of scholarly achievement with significant success in the field of practical litigation. Among other things, Ira had already organized the judicial attack against restrictions on Haitian asylum seekers which had met with so much success in Haitian Refugee Center v. Smith. Read more>>>